Saturday, May 30, 2009


Prom '09


"some students choose to celebrate following the prom with large or small gatherings that include an abundance of drinking and sexual activity."
- Wikipedia on Prom

I can't really like, write about prom without it being totally boring/sounding like every other prom there ever was on the entire planet, but I will write this:
- Pre-prom at Julia's was the best, especially because of all those delicious appetizers...mmm!
- Ollie and I were obviously the best dressed (both decked out in sequins. is there really any other way to do it? no).
- The party after prom was sort of weird and I had to listen to terrible stories that made me want to kill myself

ex. conversation between two completely wasted girls:
Girl #1: oh my godddd there is a cap on your BOTTLE!!
Girl #2: oh my godddd what the eff!!

same girls, later that night:
Girl #1: oh my god that lightbulb is ON!
Girl #2: oh my god reeeaaally?!

Then later that night one of them fell down the stairs so it was okay.

After that Alex, Claire, Jack and I went to Daisy's and had some food. We were going to go to "AFTER PROM" (you had to pay $20 and it started at 2:30 am, I don't get it?) but Jack and I were so not up for it and went back to Julia's instead. I had a cough-attack and fell asleep (apparently a fine idea since it was a guido dance party). Woke up and saw UP with Jonathan, Julia, Claire, Alex, Aaron, and Jack. It was amazing. Julia and I cried the entire time pretty much. Pixar never fails to take me on an emotional rollarcoaster. Went to Oshima and now I am home for the weekend.

clearly, not everyone got the "funny face" memo
too many things going on, lovez it
me, alex, jack, aaron, roxanne, claire at julia's
claire, roxanne, me, jack
chandler and ollie
my favorite photo of the night (julia + alex)
had to. me + jack (note to self: not a good look)
the camera god does not sympathize with me. zak + me + jack
chandler + zak. makin' out (jaykay)
colette, paul, chandler, julia, ollie
aaron (trying to look, paul, zak

There will probably be more photos within the next few days, if anyone really cares, I'll be throwing them up on this post.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Went to the doctor today...

I have asthmatic bronchitis!

I'm on antibiotics, cortisone, and have a super new red inhaler. SWEET. I'm going to be the cutest girl at the prom tomorrow puffin' it up every 4 hours.

Went to lunch with Sam at this Japanese food place, it was delicious (except I completely burnt my mouth)! When I got home I legit could not breathe at all and started freaking out/crying. I really thought I was going to die. After that I sat in the steam shower for about 30 minutes and it was wonderful.

Watched Seinfeld and House, drank a lot of tea and now I'm about to watch some shows on my computer because I am too lazy to go into the living room, which is downstairs (that would require me to walk, therefore exerting myself, therefore making my bronchi tighten up again, no thnx).

Photos from Turbo Fruits/Boogie Boarder/JEFF/Grocery Thief/Broccoli Destroyer up on BV here.
so pleased w/ how that picture came out.

Also check it, my gurl Caitlin studded this entire dress for Karen O (i fucking love that outfit btdubz):

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.gif art

so cool. loving this guy's work so much:


I've had a blogspot blog for awhile but never actually did anything with it (except for project iris). I'm super bored so I decided to use it. This probably won't last very long but whatevz (I have this blog too: but I haven't updated since last year I think. I don't know what the point of using this blog is if I already have one, but again...whatevz don't care).

Life as of now:
- Currently having trouble breathing due to allergies (I feel like I have asthma).
- Currently watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
- Currently dreading school tomorrow.
- Currently looking for apartments with Caitlin to move into July 1st.
- Currently giving Wavves another listen (because the first time I didn't like it, but now I think I do).

Saw JEFF the Brotherhood, Turbo Fruits, Boogie Boarder, Grocery Thief and Broccoli Destroyer last night at DBA (photos up on soon). I love the way DBA looks now, so much better than before! The show was awesome, Caitlin and I got back to Park Slope around 2. I took a shower, went to bed for 3 hours, dreamt about beards (I don't remember in what context, but I just remember thinking of beards), then woke up at 5:30 to catch a train so I could go to school (and so Caitlin could get to work on time).

I decided to take the train home from Hoboken because I had an hour to kill, sat across from this woman at the train station with her shoe off and she pretty much had the grossest looking foot I have ever seen in my entire life. I will spare you the gruesome details. Almost vommed, so I waited outside. Fell asleep on the train, got off the train, decided not to go to school after all and then slept all day. Worked on photos from the show last night, sent them off, and ate crackers + Emergen-C. Life is GOOD (despite the fact I am still in high school and everyone else is not).

p.s - speaking of JEFF, I posted the photos from their show w/ Black Pus last month at DBA on my flickr here and here. On BrooklynVegan here. On their blog here.

p.p.s - looks like I'm not cool enough to sit with my sister and her friend at Mr. Tuxedo tomorrow (I must be really lame).