Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving day!

Yesterday was also a very good day. Went to Bently's with Ian, Grace, and Stelle. Then headed over to Houston's...then after that went to Ian's. Hillary called us and we got take out from Tuxedo Sushi and had dinner on her boat. So nice!

Then back to Ian's house where we all went in his sauna (haha) and then hung out on his amazon porch with giant pillars and vines everywhere. Love it. Made Ramen, talked, Hillary showed us how to Frollic, etc. Watched Madagascar 2 with Hillary, Ian, and Houston and by that time it was 5 am and I have never been so tired.

Woke up early today to pack. Got into Brooklyn around 4 and picked up the keys to my apartment. Moved a bunch of my stuff in and had my sister and dad help me clean for awhile. Jack and Tola came over and we explored the neighborhood. It is *so* hot in here I am legit dying. Back home tomorrow for a little bit.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Why does this always happen?

I've had such a good past few days in Tuxedo. Of course, right before I move I start to appreciate it/like it/have a good time.

The other night I saw The Hangover (still funny the second time) with Grace, Ian, and Nikki. Then after we met up with Houston and went on his boat. It was so nice out! I love nights like that just talking until late with friends.

Yesterday I went to Sam's graduation party and saw some people I haven't seen in over two years like Mat Craig, Lior, Chelsea...it was so nice! There was also delicious food. After that I picked up Hillary, Ian, and Grace and met up with Nikki and Houston and had a little bonfire! It started to rain and there was a lack of marshmellows, but it was still a good time.

I was exhausted and passed out around 12. Started packing to move tomorrow! Got all my dishes and silverwear and other kitchen necessities. Eeeeek!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Graduation was held in the gym, which was awful because it was too damn hot. Hundreds of people in a small, non-air conditioned room in the middle of summer, wearing a gown and cap made especially for you to sweat? No thanks.

For about two and a half hours I had to sit in the most uncomfortable position of my life (my cap kept falling off so I had to lean forward a little and put my head/neck in a really awkward position) with the loudest clapper of all time clapping in my hear for every name called. Not only was the clapping making my ears bleed, but the airhorns going off didn't help so much either. The speakers were pretty boring, except for William, John, and Stephen.

I spent most of the ceremony watching some girl in the back taking MySpace photos of herself. I also watched my father fall asleep. We threw our caps in the air, party poppers went off, silly string went into hair...and it felt *so good*.

So glad to finally be out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009



Thank you for being a huge inspiration to most of the musicians I love. You were an amazing artist and one of the most talented musicians to ever exist. Without you, pop music would not be the same. You're pretty much responsible for making it awesome. My heart goes out to your family and friends, you're a legend and no matter what you're always going to be one of my favorites!

Have a heart. The man just died, he has a family, etc. Save your idiotic jokes for later and show some respect for one of the greatest musicians of our time. For just a second separate the art from the artist. Stop being assholes.

this is nice.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Patrick Wolf - NOT a diva


I saw Patrick Wolf for the first time (FINALLY. CHRIST.) the other day and ahhhhhhhhhh it was amazing! I love him. Love him!...but not as much as the people around me did. I always wonder why I get stuck next to the crazy super fans?

One guy I was talking to behind me in between set changes had a Patrick Wolf tattoo. He also liked Coheed and Cambria so I immediately was not so much a fan of him. Then, throughout the ENTIRE SHOW, he would try and HARMONIZE WITH PATRICK WOLF. Seriously? Shut up. He was singing SO loudly and in my ear. At times I couldn't even hear Patrick, all I could hear was this nasaly voice singing off key/the wrong words. God it was so awful.

When I could hear Patrick sing, it was bliss. He played about an hour and a half/two hour set. He called out some bitch in the audience that was talking loudly during a quiet song and told her to gtfo. So good. Also got angry at the sound guy and said that "I am not a diva, I just have standards." AMEN!


Graduation rehersal was this morning, graduation is tomorrow and then I am done with high school forever.

It's in Greenpoint off the Graham L stop. Love it. Pictures soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maccabees tonight!

These past few days I've been hanging out in Tuxedo. Too tired to go into the city. Also, my knees have been really bugging me randomly and it's excruciatingly painful. I don't know why/how/etc. but they're feeling a little bit better today.

Caitlin, Pam, my mom and I went apartment hunting the other day. We found the perfect apartment! Going in today to sign the lease probably. It's adorable. It has a backyard and ahh I love it.

Yesterday Ian told Hillary and me about his European adventures...pretty interesting to say the least. Probably not a good idea to put it on the internet though.

Seeing The Maccabees tonight! Last time I saw them was two years ago! Their new album is great, really excited to see them again. They're playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (where Shoot to Thrill was). Miike Snow is opening I think...and The Hatchem Social?

Here are some photos from the first time I saw The Maccabees at The Knitting Factory in June and October 2007

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekend


This weekend was great on so many levels. Seriously, I had such a good time.

Henry was very surprised for his birthday picnic. He stated that he had "lost all hope" in his friends when they "forgot" his birthday. A ton of us spent the entire day in Prospect Park snacking on cakes, juice boxes, pita bread, and tortilla chips (and the boys played Magic all day...).

I have decided that I want to make this a summer of picnics, only this time I will use sunblock because I have the worst sunburn of my life + sun poisoning. It literally feels like someone is continually pouring acid all over my face/arms. Suckz.

Today I got lunch at Elmo with Chris who just spent like...a lot of months in Egypt which is so awesome. I really want to go to Egypt. He's leaving for Switzerland in a few days...which is also awesome and I am totally jealous. I had the best grilled cheese too. Then Caitlin and I went to Shake Shack and I had the most delicious frozen custard flavored Coffee and Donuts. So good! Went back to Jack's and hung out for a bit, watched it rain, then took Cheers to Penn Station. The cabbie spent the entire 45 minute drive talking to me about his ridiculous love life.

I also accidently stole hand sanitizer from CVS and I feel terrible about it.

Some disposable camera shots from this weekend (I'm getting the *many* Hasseblad shots developed this week and scanning the Polaroids tomorrow):


Ian, Nathan, Eli, and Lucas
really love this photo

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Success!

Shoot to Thrill was totally awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out, it meant so much! I'd never seen my photos so big so it was super exciting to have them out like that. Thanks to AdoramaPix, MHOW, Northside Festival, L Magazine, and of course BrooklynVegan.com for the experience! I may have even sold a print which is great.

I think today is the last day to check it out, so if you're in the area PLEASE GO!

Yesterday was interesting. Went to the Solar One show (but it rained?) then headed off to Market Hotel for an interview/photo shoot with The Coathangers for 'Sup Mag. Super sweet and adorable girls that put on a great show (I still love the song "Don't Touch My Shit"). I haven't seen them in a super long time (not since Maxwell's one or two years ago?). Definitely have improved and it was sweet seeing the new art at Market Hotel. Fiasco were great, as always and I was psyched to discover The Strange Boys. Wow! So good! I left before Mika Miko because I wasn't feeling very well (shit happens) but I'm sure they were good too...

Got some photos developed...mostly are of my sister falling asleep on my floor. She woke up to me taking photos of her and yelled, "YOU ARE SUCH A CREEP!"

Don't get mad if I take photos of you sleeping on my floor, I'm starting a series (people do it a lot).

Passed out



"You are so weird"

two random photos from a show in washington square park a few weeks ago:



Friday, June 12, 2009



be there. $15 at the door or buy your tickets online @ ticketmaster.com
7 wonderful concert photogs + john vanderslice, the tallest man on earth, olof arnalds, and dave deporis

66 North 6th St. Between Wythe + Kent
Take the L to Bedford

photo show reception @ 7 pm - 8pm
brooklynvegan.com's official northside showcase @ 9 pm

I'm psyched, a little nervous...but still excited!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

(photo by me)

THE MUMMIES WERE AWESOME. SO GOOD. The only bad thing that happened was when this one douche kept crowd surfing every three fucking seconds and got my hair tangled in his belt, ripped out a nice chunk of my hair, and then proceeded to fall on my camera and break my flash. Kind of annoying, but it did not sour the mood. They played such a good set, perfect amount of time, perfect amount of keyboard harassing moments too. Damon and I got T-shirts and singles. Got one for Caitlin too!

Tomorrow is the opening of SHOOT TO THRILL (I hope to see some of you there, whoever you may be!), lots of friends and family are coming. I'm pretty excited. Then Saturday is that Solar Powered Festival thing on the East River @ 23rd st. The Mighty Handful, Starscream, Whiskey Crusaders and a lot more are playing, it's going to be great. THEN! Mika Miko + The Coathangers + Fiasco @ Market Hotel later that night. Sunday we're celebrating a certain friend's birthday (it's a surprise so I hope he doesn't read this). Trying to decide if I want to go to the shore or not this week. We'll see!

More Mummies photos on BrooklynVegan here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Shit is going to be awesome.
First I have a doctor's appointment, dropping off film, picking up flyers for Shoot to Thrill at Adorama, then to Park Slope for THE MUMMIES!!!!! Ahhhhhh!

I have my French exam, Economics exam, and Film & History exam tomorrow and I'll probably get home around 3:30 am. Ugh, I will feel so awful tomorrow but whatever it will be worth it!

Caitlin gets back to America tomorrow too!
I move in less than 30 days!
So many exclamation points. Too excited for everything (except for exams, obviously).

Gonna go eat. Bye!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Exams, Final few days of High School

Friday will probably be my last day of High School ever. So weird to even think about that. Everyone around me has already graduated and I'm not graduating until June 26th. Too far away. I have my last high school exams tomorrow: French, Economics. Then in two weeks I have my Physics regents, which I will totally fail but it's okay because I do not need to pass it to pass the class...so I will graduate regardless. Nice.

I don't know who is speaking at my graduation but I am praying it's not someone who sucks and bores me to death. I will have to sit there for hours and I do not want some politician going on and on forever about nothing. I wish my speaker was Eugene Mirman. Look at this video and I dare you to disagree!

Today I had the worst coughing attack ever on the front steps of my school. I think I scared everyone but I was okay. Pam took Grace, Stelle, and me to dinner in Suffern. Hacienda is such a delicious restaurant. Grace continued to eat throughout the night. I wish I could do that. Oh well. Watching Good Eats now and about to review for my French final because the review sheet is actually the same exact thing as the exam. Nice.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey all,

BrooklynVegan.com is having its first concert photography showcase this weekend during the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. There are 7 photographers (including myself) showcasing some photos they've shot for BV.

Here is a flyer:

It's located at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and the opening reception will take place at 7 pm on Friday, the 12th before the BV Official Showcase in the same venue.

If you're in town, please stop by!
(It is 16+ I believe)

More details here:

Line up:
June 12th - John Vanderslice/Tallest Man On Earth / Olof Arnalds
June 13th - O'Death + The Extraordinaires + Shellshag (afternoon)
June 13th - Asobi Seksu + Cymbals Eat Guitars + Elika (night)
June 14th - Bill Callahan + Sir Richard Bishop

in other news, I went to a third doctor today. She gave me the NEBULIZER and all these different medications and I already feel x100 better than earlier today. Love it.
Also, I love cake shows.

Also why does it seem that EVERYONE is traveling all over Europe right now except for me?
-Ian went to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam...and who knows where else!
-Caitlin is going from Sweden to Norway today. Ahhh!

I know there were more but I totally forget now. Oh well. I'm NOT going to study for my French final that is tomorrow because I DO NOT have to do well. Yes!
...Going to watch Cake Boss now. Bye.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stuck in Tuxedo

Hey all,

So I've spent the entire week so far in Tuxedo (this is a very rare occurrence) and am surprisingly not that bored. I've met up with Grace who I haven't seen in forever (we got to catch up almost completely), I went and ate delicious food at the club (their chicken fingers will always be the best), explored Sugarloaf (but everything was closed so we're going back soon) with Caitlin and Stelle (and passed thru the Bruderhof, which was sort of eerie), and started to organize all my magazines.

Caitlin is currently in Sweden. On tour with Bruce Springsteen. That's basically all that needs to be said about that.

Tonight was the *awards ceremony* at my school. I got the highest grade in my Government/Economics class which was awesome and I got an award for French. Cool.

Also decided that when Caitlin comes back we're going to go to Storm King. I haven't been there since the second grade and I remember loving it. Especially Peach Boy because you could actually climb on it. I want to take the Hasselblad there so badly! Hopefully I will still have it by then.

On Friday I will go back to TPS (my elementary - middle school) to recieve my 8th grade diploma with Grace. That will be interesting to say the least. I haven't been up there in forever (and it's only 5 minutes away). Jack graduates on Friday too, and then it's HILLSTOCK:

I'm actually tired for once so I'm going to bed now. G'night.