Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of college

Had my first class today: From Line to Pixel. I had no idea what the hell that even meant but it's like a mixed media computer class. It's 6 hours long (um lol) but our teacher let us out early today. Basically she shunned the use of iPhoto and that is all I ever use (I know...I know...) so I need to work on that. The supply list is going to kill me but whatever (although one of the supplies needed was a spool of yarn. um, what?).

I wish BlackBoard listed the kids in my class so I could be a super creep and facebook stalk all night since I don't have class until 3 pm tomorrow (AGAIN). I don't really like having class at 3 because I wait all day for class. Today I just sat on the computer for like, 4 hours (not like I don't do that already anyway) but still. Caitlin got back from her first class and left for work even before I left for MY first class.

I have drawing tomorrow which should be interesting since I can't draw.

Lightning Bolt photos from yesterday are up on BV: Click here.
Also I got my iPod Shuffle that I won from Butterlane (the best cupcake place in all of new york and you can quote me on that) today and I love it. It came just in time because my iPod broke this morning. Sweet life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I start college today

What the fuck.
So weird. 3 pm - 9 pm! What is that?!
That is all I have to say.

Lightning Bolt today were amazing and you must be stupid if you decided not to come. They played on a stage which was weird, but that's bcuz bRkLYN iz jUs 2 cRazEE* f0 DeM~* (or obnoxious, same shit). They sounded amazing, pix will probz be up on Brooklyn Vegan later today. I'm exhausted so I am going TO BED.


My mom called me last night to tell me that our cat, Skittles, died yesterday. I am a little upset especially because he was still really young and seemed so healthy. It's just a surprise, I didn't expect him to die all of a sudden :(

He was a wonderful cat. Although I was often aggravated by him coming into my room late at night, meowing, and then proceeding to nuzzle into my armpit with his face/ was very cute. He was also the softest cat there ever was, and he was gigantic.

I found him under a staircase at the country club in my town when he was just a baby. Some crazy lady tried to take him home but that didn't work out so well so I asked my mom if we could keep him. We brought him to the vet and got him checked out, shots, etc.

I named him Skittles because he was all black and I thought I was being cool and ironic.

So I guess we saved him from an early death when he was a starving kitten under the staircase, and I hope he lived a happy life.

First my puppy Cutie (yes, Cutie) died last year, and now Skittles. Juilzy is the last one standing PLEASE DON'T TAKE HER <333

the lone pup

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Deal

So Caitlin and I watched this tonight:

we noticed that:
the guy on the right looks a little bit like this guy.
yeah? yeah.

also that movie sux.
like so much.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I saw Blondie and Pat Benatar today in Coney Island. Debbie Harry is still a badass and I love her, I ran into too many people I knew, and everyone in fucking Coney Island needs an attitude adjustment.

Every person there thought they owned a piece of the land and if you stepped on their territory they acted like you seriously offended them. Everyone had no IQ and probably dropped out of school in the 5th grade. I had an 80 year old woman almost smack me in the face because I was standing and she could not see from her fucking lawn chair. Bitch please, it's a concert. If you can't deal with people standing up then watch it from your nursing home's balcony. Plus, do you even know who you are watching? Probably not. Do you even know you are at a concert? Probably not. I didn't get the memo that this was a BRING YOUR LAWN CHAIR AND ACT LIKE A BITCH concert. Next time I will be more prepared.

You would step on someone's blanket and they would yell, you would stand and you would be bitched at by 40 different people. After one old woman told us to "SIT DOWN OR MOVE" maybe 50 times, we left because I hate being yelled at by large groups of people. As we were leaving, some asshole started applauding and everyone followed.

Some foreign guy came up to us during the show and screamed "WHAT IS THIS? A FUCKING PICNIC CONCERT? NO!" and pranced away. We met completely wasted guys who worked at Marc Jacobs. One put me on TEAM PARSONS with him and made me spin dance with him. So awkward, but hilarious. I am so sore and so over having to deal with rude people. Never again will I go to a free show in Coney Island. NEVER EVER! (okay that's probz a lie but w/e i'm being passionate)

In the end it was pretty funny but JESUS CHRIST. Okay I need to go to bed now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apartment Virtual Tour!

In case some of you (a lot of you? I don't even know, how many "you" even read this?) haven't been inside the apartment Caitlin and I share yet, I created a virtual tour because I am bored and have nothing better to do with my life.


First stop, Caitlin's room! It's in the front of the apartment. How exciting!

This is in my room. As you can see to the left there is an air conditioner, given to me by my old babysitter Kristen, who just got married (so congrats!). This thing has legit saved my life. To the right is my favorite drawing by my friend Tracey Alvarez. It's appropriately placed next to my shelf with all my cameras.
This is our kitchen-area. We have postcards from Sweden on the fridge (and not pictured but we also have a photo of Nikki as a child, naked playing with blocks and a random photo we found on Lorimer St), cow shaped salt & pepper shakers, and way too many cups.

This is a sign my dad stole from the Berlin zoo a long time ago. It says "Do Not Feed." We're really clever so we hung it in the kitchen.

Oh, here is the fridge again. I should have taken a photo of the inside.

Tola's housewarming gift. A self portrait. It is wonderful and matches everything in the living room-area.

This is the bulletin board where we hang out bills and other things. We have a subway map, it was Mihran's housewarming gift to us...of course. Above is a manila folder on which Henry drew a bunch of people and it emphasizes the theme of "a lot of dick."

Here is our DVD shelf thing. It does not fit all of our DVDs. We have the weirdest DVD collection, but whatever it's cool. We also bought flowers.

This is the hallway from the living area to my room. Another Tracey Alavrez original is pictured.

This is the view from the bathroom. It looks messy but it's really not.

This is the bathroom.
This is our backyard from my window.

This is my totally empty closet because I forgot all my hangers in Tuxedo and I don't have all my clothes here anyway. Plus all I brought were sweaters and it's fucking disgustingly hot outside.

This is my shelf with all my cameras (or, rather, it will be since not all my cameras were with me when I took this picture)

My clothes in a heap on the floor next to a dresser drawer I bought from Target. I need another one.

The door to the backyard + other part of my room.

My bed/bulletin board.

My bed where I am currently residing in as I write this blog entry on my shitty stolen internet at 3:30 am.

I need to go to bed. Detailz on actual life l8tr.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the London Times


Does anyone have a hard copy by any chance? I looked for it all day yesterday, in like every single international magazine store I came across in the city and NOTHING. So annoying.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


(photos from Great Cranberry Isle, Maine)

disposable camera:

the almighty hasselblad:

Kate and Oliver
Kate and Henry

Henry and Jack


indie band