Wednesday, October 28, 2009


HaYy ALL -

I didn't really do much this CMJ but here is what I did see:
-Mumford & Sons @ MHOW who were great
-Part of Brooklyn Vegan/Bowery Presents day showcase at Pianos on Saturday with Cymbals Eat Guitars (my new favorite band) and Pete & the Pirates
-p4k/showpaper benefit @ market hotel w/ Real Estate (always good), Cold Cave (who sucked), Delorean, and Cymbals Eat Guitars (yes, twice in one day)
-An awesome show at Above the Auto Parts Store w/ Surfer Blood, Sisters, Screaming Females and JEFF the Brotherhood. No one bled from their head this week but Lightning Bolt is there on Friday and that may be a totally different story...

pictures from the JEFF show up on BrooklynVegan here!
pictures from the p4k/showpaper show up on BrooklynVegan here!

Screaming Females pix will be on and in the print version tomorrow!
I will link to those when they are up...

Class tomorrow, should do my hw. Cleaned my room, washed the dishes, started cleaning the living room. Productive day, sad that this is my life.
Ugh fuck have to do laundry asap. NO TIME AT ALL DSHFDSJFKDJFBDKSHFB

pix post soon

Monday, October 26, 2009


My heart goes out to you and your family and especially Caitlin. Thank you so much for all you did for me this past many times as I thanked you it will never be enough or express how much it means to me.

I didn't know you very well but I know that you made my best friend happy. You honestly changed her life for the better in so many ways you wouldn't even be able to imagine.

I loved hearing about all the funny things you did, reading all your fragment sentenced texts or your "taking a photo" face. I'm honestly in shock right now and don't know what to do or say.

All I can hope is that your family, bruce and the band, the crew, zoie, and everyone else you knew are doing okay. Seriously thank you so much for everything you didn't have to do but did for me. Thank you for being there for Caitlin. thankyouthankyouthankyou

R.I.P <3

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My photo of Beach Fossils @ Market Hotel is up on!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To study for midterms or to CMJ 09?

Disposable shots from No Age on Saturday:

Why does my art history midterm have to be in the middle of the week that is CMJ? Like honestly, why? So many shows I want to go to but just not enough time.
Missed out on the BV showcase tonight at MHOW. Currently listening to The Antlers and Surfer Blood on repeat. Hopefully can find time tomorrow to catch The Antlers at Sound Fix. Seeing Surfer Blood w/ JEFF, Sisters, and Screaming Females on Saturday...which should be awesome and make up for the fact I am missing a huge amount of amazing shows this week, tonight specifically...(titus, woods, beach fossils @ webster....starscream, graffiti monsters, ninjasonik @ don pedro's...)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Past week has been good. Went to Philly for the first time to see Bruce Springsteen. Our bus driver's name was Wogget.
Had serious awkward moments with the Big Man, drank way too much coffee, wrote my art history paper on the bus ride home.

Owen had Oompa Loompas serving cake at his birthday. Never thought I'd be able to say I was served cake by an oompa loompa but clearly anything is possible.

Realized how much work I have to do, want to throw my body out of a window.

Yesterday Emma took photoz of me and Caitlin looking creepy but the photos will no doubt be awesome.

It has been Styrofoam snowing in my neighborhood because of construction.

Saw No Age last night, it was awesome. Soft Circle are so good too. Alison got her head kicked and had blood everywhere...pretty ROCKNROLLLLL if you ask me (ah ha ha...). BV's internet is currently on the fritz so the photos haven't gone up yet but hopefully soon!
Met the guy that made pitchfork, random.
A guy from The Mummies emailed me (I freaked out, still sort of am)

Had a photoshoot with Dinowalrus tonight, it was good. It is too cold to live right now. I should probably be writing my paper?

here are some photos of my design project from last week:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bruce! (last Giants Stadium show evarrr)

Caitlin brought me to Bruce Springsteen again tonight at Giant's Stadium (last show there evaaaar, because they are tearing it down with a "wrecking ball").

(que the serious name dropping, sorry...I know but ohmygod):
- Watched sound check from the stage
- Had a conversation with Bruce and Caitlin after sound check about random things + writing Darkness on the Edge of Town (like actually oh my god)
- Got a kiss on the cheek from Bruce (OH MY GOD)
- Delicious food at catering (best cheesecake of my life)
- Drinking the most coffee I have ever had in my life (I do not drink coffee)
- Getting one cup of coffee next to Chris Martin (don't hate, you know you like Coldplay too)
- Dancing next to Matt Damon
- Seeing Tom Colicchio
- "Wrecking Ball" still being the best song Bruce has written in forever
- Seeing Clarence ride up to the stage in the "Temple of Soul TO GO!" golf cart

Bruce Springsteen is the nicest man in the world and I can't wait for the Philly show + MSG + Baltimore!

CAITLIN WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME BRINGING ME TO THESE SHOWS, THNX GURL LOVE U <3 (No but seriously, I had been in such a weird, awful mood this past month and going to these shows has honestly made me so happy).

Also thank you to her awesome cousin Lenny for getting me the passes!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mobile uploads post

Random phone pictures from the past week:

Hillary in Grace's kitchen

View from Grace's terrace

Kitchen again

Misty's birthday dinner at Cafeteria!

Don't have the photographer's name on me at the moment but it was Todd something or something Todd...

Hayden on our gallery day

Todd something or something Todd (again)
Love this shit

Edgar Esser (I believe?) These photos were incredible!
Side stage for Bruce 1st night
Sam Basset photos in some store. Where is the video he took of me? lolz JkKkk (not really)

my backstage pass again!

Fireworks at Bruce!