Monday, September 28, 2009

So many things

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Friday I saw Wavves with Ganglians and Beach Fossils at Market Hotel. It was a great show. Almost died, but then wouldn't be a show at Market Hotel if my life wasn't threatened in at least one way.

Around 4 am while I was sitting in bed editing photos, twitter exploded with talks of a fight between Jared from Black Lips and Nathan from Wavves at Daddy's. Daddy's sounded really familiar and then I remembered OH HAYYY that's the bar like two doors away from my apartment. Cool story.

Yesterday I met up with Grace and Hillary. We had lunch and caught up on various crazy college stories (well, their crazy college stories...I haven't had that much of an exciting life lately). We went over to Grace's apartment, which BTW is a penthouse apartment (she failed to mention that to Hillary and me and then we got into the elevator and she pressed the "PH" button, Hillary and I exchanged very impressed facial expressions). The apartment was beautiful and we sat out on the terrace and it was really so amazing. The view is beautiful. East River to your right, all of New York to your left. The kitchen was made entirely out of mirrors and Hillary and I felt compelled to have a photo we did. They went back to Tuxedo and I met up with Caitlin and Misty for Misty's birthday dinner. It was really nice!

Spent all of today watching The OC. Like actually all day...whatever, I'm not ashamed. Maybe a little bit? ...hmm nope.

Tomorrow I am waiting for a package until 2 and then probably watching The OC all day...again. This is going to be a very wordy entry (as if you haven't already noticed that...), I'm on a roll tonight. I just wrote the longest email of my life to someone that asked me about the pros/cons of concert photography. I had too much to say, couldn't contain MY PASSSSSIIIIOOOON! It all spilled out.

Also: It's funny. I feel super disconnected from anyone and everyone because I didn't dorm. I mean, I do not in any way regret getting an apartment. I am ultimately happier and I know I would probably be (for the most part) miserable dorming. But I can't help but feel of secluded from any/every social activity that involves my peers. I guess I'm feeling a little lonely and shacking myself up in my apartment to watch The OC all day probably isn't helping but whatever. I suppose I'm in a rut, I'll eventually get over it. Also kinda feeling totally uninspired lately but that's just because of me being antisocial. Also, I miss my friends that went away to college. I miss having a group of good friends. I feel like a lot of my old friends don't even like me anymore and I feel like they're happy they finally got rid of me or something. GOD WHY AM I BEING SO DEPRESSING.'s actually like 5 am now and I should probably get ready to go to bed even though I am past the point of feeling tired at this point.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Had a good day today. Melinda cut my hair, we reminisced on being scene kids that lived at the mall and then saw Blade Runner (oh my god what the hell so fucked up but so good) at the SVA theatre (Parsons should have their own movie theatre? that would be nice).

I have to wake up for class in about four hours (fml), Wavves at Market Hotel later today, Misty's birthday party on Saturday and then probably seeing A Clockwork Orange at the sunshine at Midnight with people. Good timez.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I saw Starfucker at Santos Party House tonight with Veronica and all I can say is:
Starfucker are SO good live.

There are times when I start to feel like going to shows has become a chore. I never want to go and I'm just like not excited, at all. Then I go to a show like one tonight and I'm reminded of why I love going to shows so much.

They put me in such a great mood!
That's all I have to say.

Listen if you haven't:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Like Fred Sandback, but not AS stupid (but still pretty stupid)

For Line to Pixel on Monday we had to channel our inner Fred Sandback and create a yarn sculpture in Washington Square Park.
The first time I saw a Fred Sandback piece was when I went to the Dia:Beacon last year for a senior enrichment trip. All I can really say about the Dia is that I hate it. I hate it a lot. It's so pretentious it makes me cringe. Not only that but the people that work there are rude as HELL and think they are really important because they can talk about a piece of yarn like it's symbolic of something so much deeper than it's appearance.


I really dislike Fred Sandback. I think his work is really, really stupid. I am not a fan of art like this. I don't consider hanging a piece of yarn from the ceiling to the ground a piece of "art." I feel like there needs to be some sort of artistic ability, some sort of skill used. Another thing about art for me, is that it needs to be visually appealing. Art stripped down to its most basic component: its appearance. It needs to catch my eye. Before I can consider its meaning or what it symbolizes, I need to care, and to care I have to be drawn to it.

I think what bothers me the most about "art" such as Fred Sandback's yarn sculptures is the fact that there are people out there who are incredibly talented that aren't getting any deserved attention while this asshole is getting millions of dollars for his fucking string. NOT OKAY.

I will give the Dia some credit though: when I went they had these really awesome sculptures of spiders that were HUGE. I forget the artist's name but it was a woman. I feel like her name started with an L but I totally forget. There was also a huge hedge made out of metal that was really gorgeous. But that's all I can remember liking. Everything else was just ridiculous (and in a bad way.) Which reminds me that I need to find a welding class and soon because I REALLY want to learn how to weld.

Anywho, end to my rant.

We had to make our own yarn sculptures. It was fun. We got some stares, but obviously for good reason...
Also got yelled at by some crazy woman who told me I reminded me of her grandmother and then proceeded to ask us if Melody, Karina and I worked for the C.I.A? Yeah, that makes perfect logical sense.

Here are some pictures of our ~*~CrEaTiOn~*~

Went back to Tuxedo today for Stelle's birthday. Went out to dinner with the family and watched TV with Stelle all night. She is now asleep but I keep watching "The Secret Lives of Women." So far I've watched one about women in porn, amazon woman (body builders), and little people women. Fun stuff.

Monday, September 21, 2009

18 years old!

So I turned 18 on Friday! This birthday isn't really a milestone in my life like it is for people, there's nothing I really wanted to do but had to be 18 to do it. I mean, I guess other than going to 18+ shows but I solved that predicament awhile ago. I could buy cigarettes, but I don't smoke. I could go to a strip club, but I'm not currently in the mood for that. I could buy a machete? Just in case there is a zombie attack on the world that might be helpful but I don't know if I'd go with a machete. I could gamble? But I don't really have that much money to even gamble with (plus it doesn't look very fun and I'm not the luckiest person in the world).

For my birthday Hayden bought me a Crumbs cupcake after class, which was so sweet (and the cupcake was too)! Then I went out to dinner at Bubby's. We got peanut butter mousse pie or something and it was AMAZING. Caitlin, James and I did some photoboothin'

After that we walked around for an hour or two. We went to go to this coffee shop that Caitlin went to a few months ago but it was closed so we went to this other cafe that looked super cute and was 24 hours. Then lo-and-behold we saw this guy Ryan who helped work the Venexiana show working there! Small world! I had delicious lemonade. James had to leave but Caitlin and I continued to walk around and ran into Emma. I bought Freaks&Geeks on DVD because Caitlin needs to see it and then we ran into this girl that works on the bakery down the block from us on the train.

Fun stuff. Now I have to go buy a spool of yarn for class. We are going to Washington Square Park to play with yarn. pSyCheD* (love art school)


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Dear Gareth Pugh,

What the fuck was with your video tonight? Super disappointing and not going to lie...pretty retarded. What happened to having things like this:


The video tonight didn't even showcase the clothing...which I THOUGHT was the whole point. It showed like two things you could hardly make out and then some weird fog shit.

Caitlin and I walked all the way down Bubby's for a late night dinner and had egg creams and vegetable chili. The waiter gave us a free cupcake and we went into the photobooth. Tonight was awesome but I am upset with Gareth Pugh. FOR SHAME!!

...more detailed post later on the happenings of my ~*~fAbULouZ lYfE*~*~ when I get all my photos up to coincide with the post. I just wanted to express my outrage right now.

Friday, September 4, 2009

So excited

Okay so some exciting things:

- I love my freshman seminar teacher, he is awesome and an amazing photographer!
- I got a new camera today since my Nikon F is broken (so sad, but we go on...)
- Venexiana fittings/castings tomorrow!
- Fashion Week coming up
- Venexiana after party is at Kiss&Fly (SO HILARIOUS I LOVE IT)
- Parents possibly bringing food/antibiotics/etc.

Not so exciting things:
- Getting sick again. Feels like the beginning of my asthmatic bronchitis I had earlier this year. please God, do not let me get that again.
- So much supply shopping/homework to do and not enough time.
- Having to live off of Airbourne and Emergen-c for the next week.
- Not having any clothes I want to wear for the Venexiana show or anything else :(
- L Magazine throwing away one of my LARGE PRINTS. WHAT THE FUCK.

Anyway, gotta get up early tomorrow. Trying to decide if I'm going to the Under the Tracks show or the No Age show at NYU. Or if I should go at all since I am getting sick and should probably rest/do my homework. Ugh, life iz so00oo0oo00000ooooooo hard!11!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parsons - Like a headless chicken

Second day of classes was today! I had Drawing 1 from 3 - 5:40 pm. On my way to school Cole (I think?) from NYC Prep bumped into me and knocked my shit all over the ground. I don't think he noticed what he did. It sucked.

Got up to the 4th floor in the building and could not find my classroom. I walk around for a few minutes, come up to a huge maze of little studios, a metal shop, a wood shop, etc. But not room 401? I give up and go back to the elevator and it opens up to kids that are in my class. I tell them I can't find the classroom. We look again, still no luck. MAYBE we think, Room 401 is actually on the 3rd or 4th floor? Along the way we meet other students confused with where the hell Room 401 is. At this point I'm wondering if Room 401 even exists. We asked like 5 different people and none of them knew what we were talking about. Finally we found it (it was hidden behind the metal shop in a corner. How convenient!).

I like my drawing teacher. I can't figure him out really but I'm pretty sure I like him. He seems like an interesting guy and I googled him last night (yeah I'm a creep, I don't care) and I liked his work that popped up. The only thing I did not like was drawing the same bottle for 3 hours straight. How many times could I draw it incorrectly in 3 hours? About 30.

Also, currently obsessed with this song:

It's the only thing I've been listening to for the past two hours, plus the video is great.

Tomorrow is my day off. Caitlin and I are getting breakfast at the Blue Stove (because it just re-opened!) and then seeing Inglorious Basterds with Jonathan later. Then I'm shooting The So So Glos/Titus Andronicus tour kick off show at Monster Island. Should be a fun day.

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