Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter break

I have spent the past three days not leaving my apartment, eating pasta, not showering, and watching movies.

I've watched:

The Holiday (I love that movie)
Alfie (remake with jude law, so awful)
Marie Antoinette (i really hate this movie, but the costuming is so pretty)
Becoming Jane (whenever i watch an Anne Hathaway movie I just look at her mouth it is so distracting, also seriously depressing movie)
Penelope (loved it)
Two Lovers (depressing, made me feel super uncomfortable)
Camille (i don't even know what to say)
The Clique (don't judge me)
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (they go near my apartment, thought that was funny. I didn't like the character Norah at all she was really bratty/abrasive/not charming)
Made of Honor (actually SO awful but I need to go to Scotland ASAP)
Confessions of a Shopaholic (don't judge me)
Say Anything (caitlin hadn't seen it yet! still great)

Tomorrow I actually get up and shower and do some Christmas shopping!

Thursday night was spent at Kaz's house with Track F and A, and then making Oreo Truffles and pumpkin pancakes until 4 am with Hayden. Friday was my last day of classes. We had a potluck/final critque in my freshman seminar class. It was amazing and I will miss Track A terribly. Amanda came over for the weekend, we went to Germs Friday night...it was fun! I got some hilarious photos I can't wait to put up.

Also decided I am going on a road trip to New Orleans in January. Should be fun!

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